What Makes a Perfect Smile?

perfect smile midtown cosmetic dentist dr michael j weiThere are many elements that go into creating a perfect smile. What equals perfection for one person, though, doesn’t necessarily equal perfection for another. When your Manhattan cosmetic dentist is presenting you with all the possible treatments for your smile makeover, he will consider several characteristics to form the perfect smile for you.Read more

Embrace Your Freedom with a Smile Makeover

freedom smile makeover fourth of july dr michael j wei midtown dentistWhat do a smile makeover and freedom have to do with each other? If you’re someone who’s embarrassed by their teeth, you know you feel like a captive, penned in by the way your smile (or lack thereof) has limited you socially, personally, and professionally. Recapture your independence with the right NYC cosmetic dentistry procedures and restorative dentistry procedures for your smile.Read more

Big Brother Is Watching You – Win with a Smile Makeover

big brother smile makeover manhattan cosmetic dentist dr. michael j weiHowever you define “Big Brother” – a reality TV show, the government, your boss, society – if you feel hemmed and under scrutiny because of your appearance, it’s time for a little self-reflection. Is it your teeth that are making you feel like you’re not in control of your life? Is it your smile that’s making you feel insecure? It may be time to break out of the box with a smile makeover.Read more

Be the Envy of Other Midtown Moms: Get a Smile Makeover

smile makeover for midtown mom dr. michael j wei manhattan cosmetic dentistYour kids are great at making you feel self-conscious and they usually do it in public: Hey, mom, why are your teeth so yellow? Your teeth are really crooked. Why do you have so many spaces between your teeth? What’s wrong with that tooth? Image is everything in Midtown Manhattan. Time to put your money where your mouth is – literally – and invest in yourself while you’re raising your kids. You’ve earned a smile makeover, and then some.Read more

4 Reasons You Might Need Full-Mouth Reconstruction

full mouth reconstruction nyc midtown dentist dr michael j weiFull-mouth reconstruction, smile makeover, whatever you call it, overhauling your oral health – not only cosmetically but functionally – gives you a pain-free smile you will love because it looks and feels healthy. Full-mouth reconstruction is a combo of restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and neuromuscular procedures intended to rehabilitate the health of your teeth and gums.Read more

This Is the Summer of Porcelain Veneers

summer of porcelain veneers nyc cosmetic dentistThere are many ways to get ready for summer. Working out. Spray tans. Dieting. New clothes. Fresh hairstyle. Everyone has different goals for their appearance to get them beach ready, travel ready, and prepped for whatever summer has in store. One thing that goes with you everywhere and stands out no matter what the activity or occasion is your smile. Make this the summer of porcelain veneers and you’ll look good and have fun this summer and every season to follow.Read more

Graduate to a New Perfect Smile

graduate to perfect smile nyc dr michael j wei midtown cosmetic dentistIt’s that time of year. Caps. Gowns. Graduation. The world is wide open for graduates when they get that degree or certificate that signifies the accomplishment of something great. Whether you’re the one who’s graduating, or you’re honoring someone who’s marking this milestone, celebrate the achievement with a perfect smile.Read more