Get a Fast, Affordable Smile Makeover with a Snap-On Smile®

By Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS – Manhattan New York City Cosmetic Dentist

snap on smileYou want a smile makeover, but maybe you aren’t ready to commit to in-depth cosmetic dentistry procedures. The Snap-On Smile® from Manhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei is a non-invasive, fast, temporary, and affordable way to improve your smile.

How the Snap-On Smile® Treatment Works

Patients who might be squeamish about the dentist or have dental anxiety may find the Snap-On Smile ® to be just the solution they’re seeking. You will not need any special preparation, no drilling, and no shots to prepare for the Snap-On Smile®.

Here is what to expect from the Snap-On Smile® procedure, from initial consultation to completed smile makeover:

  • Your first visit to your New York City cosmetic dentist will include a brief consultation to determine your smile makeover goals. You may determine during this appointment that a Snap-On Smile® is the right choice for your smile makeover, or you may be interested in other cosmetic dentistry options that are longer-lasting though more invasive, like porcelain veneers.
  • Once you have decided to pursue a Snap-On Smile®, you will choose from different shapes and shades of teeth that complement your face shape and skin color. This step also ensures that your smile makeover looks as natural as possible.
  • Your dentist will take photos and impressions of your existing teeth at your first visit so your Snap-On Smile® can be prepared for manufacturing and customized to your mouth and your liking.
  • It will take about two weeks for your Snap-On Smile® to be ready. After a quick lesson in how to snap in the smile, you will be able to wear your smile home.

This video will show the benefits of Snap-On Smile®

Before and After Snap-On Smile®:

Snap-On Smile pops right in

The Logistics of Wearing a Snap-On Smile®

A Snap-On Smile® really is as simple as it sounds. Here is exactly what you can expect when you opt for this kind of cosmetic dentistry treatment:

  • The Snap-On Smile® covers your entire upper arch or bottom arch.
  • You do not need any adhesives to wear the Snap-On Smile®.
  • Your new smile is held in place by your natural teeth, but it is a viable solution for people who are missing teeth.
  • The Snap-On Smile® snaps in and out as desired and for cleanings.
  • The appliance is easily removable and can be worn while eating (though chewing gum is not advisable).
  • With proper care, the Snap-On Smile® should last for a several years. The longevity of your new smile is like a night guard in the length of time it lasts before needing to be replaced.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Snap-On Smile®?

Only your Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist can tell you for certain if you are a good candidate for the Snap-On Smile®. No matter what, there is a cosmetic dentistry solution for your individual smile makeover needs.

Quite often, people seek out fast cosmetic dentistry solutions because they have a special event coming up. Whether it’s a wedding, work engagement, reunion, or job interview, the Snap-On Smile® is affordable and can last for three to five years. This temporary solution gives the wearer a revitalized appearance and a smile you can be proud of, while also buying you time to decide what kind of permanent cosmetic dentistry solution you would like to pursue.

Cosmetic dentistry is not a decision to be taken lightly. When you alter your teeth, you alter your entire appearance – done well by an experienced Manhattan dentist, these changes can turn your life around.

Keep in mind that cosmetic dentistry procedures take time and detailed preparation to complete (unless, of course, you’re opting for a one-hour professional teeth whitening). Solutions like porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns typically take only two visits to your New York City cosmetic dentist, just like the Snap-On Smile®. In each of these situations, there is down time in between appointments.

If you’re looking for fast, affordable, and non-invasive, the Snap-On Smile® gives you all the benefits of a major, permanent smile makeover with none of the commitment. Improve your confidence with the quick and painless smile makeover solution – the Snap-On Smile®. Make an appointment with your Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei to learn more about the Snap-On Smile® and find out how our experience, training, and technology can be used to create your stunning smile makeover.