Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding & Contouring

Sometimes a little chip, jagged edge, or a gap between front teeth can compromise an otherwise attractive smile. In these cases, cosmetic dentist Dr. Wei may recommend a very simple procedure, cosmetic bonding or contouring.

Cosmetic bonding involves applying tooth-colored resin to the area that needs more tooth structure. We cure the resin with a special light, then Dr. Wei artistically sculpts the material to blend with existing structure. He polishes the area to a nice shine, and the finished product looks as good as new. Some patients prefer bonding to veneers because it is less costly, but veneers last longer than bonding.

For contouring, Dr. Wei removes tooth structure to smooth edges or lines. This corrects for minor chips or rough tips on teeth to create a smooth, friendly appearance.

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