Why So Serious? 5 Female Celebs Who Never Smile

victoria beckham teeth cosmetic dentistry dr michael j weiFamous people get their picture taken for a living, whether they like it or not. Actors, politicians, journalists, athletes – these are celebs in the spotlight and, as a result, every aspect of them is under scrutiny, including their teeth. Plenty of them undergo cosmetic dentistry to get a flawless look, others choose to stay natural, but celebs in both categories have been known to keep a straight face regardless of the condition of their teeth.

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Once upon a time, before they built an empire, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were kids who were simply referred to as The Olsen Twins, they of Full House fame. Now, they’re grown-ups, and you won’t find their faces budging an inch from a flat-mouth, wide-eyed stare.

In the young years, they were prone to smiling, showing off their almost-identical teeth, with slightly larger front teeth and slightly shorter incisors. Those teeth looked good – so now we’re suspicious. Are they still good? Are they hiding something? Or are they just tired of a lifetime in the spotlight and vowed to stop smiling a long time ago?

2. Victoria Beckham

Maybe Victoria Beckham takes fashion, music, soccer, and child-rearing seriously and that’s why she rarely smiles. A quick Google search, however, will show a time when she did smile, a lot – as a Spice Girl. Back then, however, she had teeth that slanted in and weren’t all that white.

On the rare occasion Beckham reveals a smile now, it’s easy to see that her teeth are pearly white and flawless thanks to a sweet smile makeover. Old teeth, lots of smiles. New teeth, no smiles. It just doesn’t make sense.

3. Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian conglomerate keeps on going and going, but as ever-present as Kim Kardashian is, she isn’t often photographed wearing a big smile. She has flawless teeth – even better today than in the early days of her rise to fame, probably the result of veneers – but she claims to keep a straight face because she doesn’t want to cause wrinkles.

4. Kristen Stewart

She may not flash a megawatt smile on the red carpet much, but Kristen Stewart has smiled enough times that you can easily find photos of her teeth. They’re not perfect, but they’re hers and, for someone who is all about authenticity, it’s impressive that as a product of Hollywood she has stuck with what nature gave her. There may have been some teeth whitening throughout her career but, for the most part, Stewart has felt no need to improve what is all hers.

5. Rooney Mara

Look for red carpet photos of Rooney Mara and you’re most likely to come across a statuesque figure with a dark lip stain and a serious face. The actress claims that she wants the smiles she gives to be real and not forced, so she’d rather go straight-faced. There may be another reason too – her teeth could use some tweaks. She has slightly slanted front teeth and a small and crooked incisor. They make her smile unique and refreshing, but in the land of superstars it’s no wonder she could feel a little self-conscious.

If you don’t smile because you’re ashamed of your teeth, it’s time to sign-up for a celeb-worthy smile makeover. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei at his cosmetic dentistry practice on Madison Avenue to find out what will make you look like a superstar every time you smile.