Restorative Dentistry for Old Dental Work

NYC restorative dentistryModern dental work is strong and can last for decades. For those of us old enough to have several decades in age under our belts, and plenty of dental work too, tooth restorations eventually fail. You will need restorative dentistry to get your smile back into working condition. The good news is: Dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry solutions are that much better and more advanced today. The result will be a durable smile makeover that lasts far into the future.Read more

Does Your Dating Profile Need a Smile Makeover?

smile makeover dating profileTinder has just announced a Loops feature for the dating app. Now, along with the many photos you can display of yourself, you have the option to take any video and create a two-second loop from it. Potential matches can see you in still photos and in motion. If you opt out of this added feature, other users might think, “What are they hiding?” So maybe you should be thinking: “Is it time for me to get that smile makeover?”Read more

Recognizable Celebrity Smiles Created by Cosmetic Dentistry

sofia vergara celebrity smileSome people wish they could just snap on a smile identical to a celebrity’s, but a smile makeover should be customized to the patient. What works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you. This doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t celebs whose grins are in-demand. All it takes is a simple Google search to show you celeb before-and-after photos when it comes to their teeth. We identify some of the most recognizable celebrity smiles, and the cosmetic dentistry that makes their pearly whites are so notable.Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for a Chipped Tooth

cosmetic dentistry for chipped toothIt’s easy to assume that cosmetic dentistry is only for people who want to alter their entire smile. However, any aesthetic changes to your smile are considered cosmetic, and it’s sometimes the littlest improvements that can turn a damaged smile into a beautiful one. Having a chipped tooth, for example, may seem like a small issue, but for the people living with a chipped tooth, the problem is hardly tiny. There are easy cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry solutions.Read more

Will My Porcelain Veneers Look Natural?

natural looking porcelain veneersOne of the reasons dental patients may drag their feet about pursuing cosmetic dentistry is that they’re concerned the result will look fake. Everyone has seen someone with bad fake teeth. Who can blame you for wanting to avoid the same result? Modern porcelain veneers from an experienced Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist will give you natural-looking teeth, if there are several important elements in place.Read more