What Makes a Perfect Smile?

perfect smile midtown cosmetic dentist dr michael j weiThere are many elements that go into creating a perfect smile. What equals perfection for one person, though, doesn’t necessarily equal perfection for another. When your Manhattan cosmetic dentist is presenting you with all the possible treatments for your smile makeover, he will consider several characteristics to form the perfect smile for you.Read more

Graduate to a New Perfect Smile

graduate to perfect smile nyc dr michael j wei midtown cosmetic dentistIt’s that time of year. Caps. Gowns. Graduation. The world is wide open for graduates when they get that degree or certificate that signifies the accomplishment of something great. Whether you’re the one who’s graduating, or you’re honoring someone who’s marking this milestone, celebrate the achievement with a perfect smile.Read more

Use Your Tax Refund to Build a Perfect Smile

tax refund perfect smile midtown cosmetic dentistHave you ever thought to yourself, “I’ll fix my teeth when…” and filled in the blank with any number of excuses? If money is the main reason you’re dragging your feet about getting a new smile, April could bring the windfall you’re hoping for. It’s tax refund time, for the luckiest among us. While some people put their cash in savings and some splurge on vacations, use your bucks wisely on a purchase that will benefit you now and pay dividends later – a perfect smile makeover.Read more

Skip the Filters: 4 Ways to Get a Perfect Smile for Real

no filters get a nyc perfect smilePhoto filters and photo editing make just about anything possible in pictures. You can look thinner, more toned, wrinkle-free, and have a perfect smile. Why bother changing your smile in real life when it’s easy enough to fudge the reality in photos? Well, you can’t hide behind your smartphone forever. When you’re in front of real people there is no hiding the imperfections in your smile.Read more

Political Beards: The Hot Accessory for a Perfect Smile?

Ted Cruz political beard perfect smileIn this ongoing climate of political unrest, it’s nice to see that news outlets have taken some time to focus on what really matters – appearance. While most male politicians attempt to promote a squeaky-clean image, enhanced by a clean-shaven look, some of the higher-ups are currently sporting political beards. Are the beards good? Are they bad? The answers to those questions are subjective. Our biggest question is: Do they have a perfect smile under the facial hair?Read more

A Perfect Smile: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

nyc perfect smile gift michael weiYou don’t need a holiday to treat yourself. While this is an excellent time of year to give to others, allow yourself permission to take care of your own needs too. A perfect smile is an investment in your health, appearance, and self-worth. When you trust an experienced NYC cosmetic dentist, the perks of such a gift will keep you smiling for decades.Read more

5 Top Ways to Get a Perfect Smile in New York City

perfect smile in new york cityYou can get just about anything you want in Manhattan, including a perfect smile. How you go about achieving that excellent grin, however, is a very personal thing. When you find the right cosmetic dentist in Manhattan, you’ll be presented with the best options for your smile, face, and overall appearance. Here are just five of the top ways to get a perfect smile in New York City.Read more

Get an A+ for Your Perfect Smile

perfect smile schoolAre you a student? A teacher? A parent? The opportunity to start over and make a good first impression, or a better second impression, is a built-in part of every September. Depending on the role you play, your needs will vary. It’s safe to say, however, that everyone can do better with a perfect smile.Read more