Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants and Complete Your Smile

By Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS – Manhattan New York City Cosmetic Dentist

Dental ImplantsDental implants are the natural-looking, long-lasting way to replace one or more missing teeth. Midtown Manhattan restorative dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei is known for his experience and expertise in restoring smiles in both appearance and function using dental implants.

7 Reasons Dental Implants Are a Top Tooth Replacement Choice in Manhattan

  1. Dental implants are a popular alternative to dentures. While dentures have come a long way in recent years, becoming more comfortable and realistic-looking, they can still be problematic for wearers. Discomfort, unreliability, and the required upkeep of dentures – including the dreaded adhesives – are common complaints. Dental implants do not require any special care. Once the two-part procedure has been completed and your mouth has healed from the implantation of the post and attachment of the prosthetic tooth or teeth, you take care of the implants like natural teeth. Living with missing teeth does not automatically mean that you must get dentures to correct the imperfection.
  2. Dental implants can replace one tooth or several missing teeth. The cause of your missing teeth – auto accident, sports injury, gum disease, damage and extraction, or otherwise – is irrelevant. Your Midtown Manhattan dentist will determine your eligibility for dental implants based on your oral health as it is right now and your mouth’s ability to handle the implant. The logic behind dental implants is that they are designed to replace the missing natural tooth root so that the jawbone is stimulated and your face is not able to change shape. The absence of one tooth or an entire arch of teeth can make you a candidate for dental implants. Dr. Wei will present all viable restorative dentistry options during your consultation.
  3. Dental implants look natural. One of the biggest concerns that dental patients have when they are considering cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry is that they will end up with a repair that looks fake or obvious. Dental implants are custom-made to match your natural teeth in size, shape, and color. They will look natural and, most of all, they will feel natural. You will eat normally again and feel confident about digging into crunch and chewy foods without worrying about compromising the already tenuous condition of broken teeth or having difficulty eating because teeth are missing.
  4. There are many benefits to dental implants. There are a variety of ways to replace missing teeth, from dentures to dental implants to porcelain fixed dental bridges. Dental implants often come out on top because of their ability to improve on tradition teeth replacement. Dental implants:
  • Improve biting, chewing, and speaking ability.
  • Eliminate worries about slippage.
  • Do not require alteration of adjacent teeth to accommodate a repair.
  • Serve as a permanent alternative to dentures.
  • Look and feel like natural teeth.

Besides the obvious functional and aesthetic solutions that dental implants provide, they also offer perks to your lifestyle and overall well-being, including:

  • Better oral health: It is easier to maintain good oral hygiene when all teeth are in place and in good condition.
  • Improved overall health: If your diet has been compromised by missing teeth, dental implants restore the ability to dig into crunchy and chewy foods that you may have avoided for fear or disturbing or pulling out a broken tooth. Being able to chew better also means digestion is improved.
  • Comfort: Dental implants feel comfortable once they are permanently in place and the prosthetic tooth has been attached. Many patients reveal that they even forget they have dental implants because they seamlessly become part of your smile.
  • Stronger teeth overall: When your smile is reinforced by dental implants, the risks posed to your remaining natural teeth by your damaged or missing tooth are eliminated.
  • Improved confidence: Let’s face it – missing teeth are embarrassing, obvious, and difficult to hide. When dental implants are solidly in place, you will feel more comfortable smiling widely and speaking up, whether you’re in a business meeting, on a date, or simply out and about.
  • More youthful appearance: If you are missing molars, the strength of your jawbone deteriorates. This side effect of absent teeth can create a hollow look and, over time, alter the shape of your face, and not in a good way. The sunken-in appearance that can result from missing teeth is undesirable – but dental implants can prevent this negative result from occurring.
  1. You can qualify for dental implants no matter your age. You may be tempted to believe that any conversation involving dentures or the replacement of missing teeth must exclude patients below middle age. However, your age is irrelevant when it comes to dental implants. If you are missing a tooth or several teeth, your consultation with your Manhattan restorative dentist will include discussion about and eligibility for dental implants. The most important qualification is to have strong bone density in your jaws to receive the dental implant.
  2. Dental implants are secure and strong. It is normal to have concerns about the longevity of your restorative dentistry procedure or cosmetic dentistry treatment. Dental implants are typically a two-part procedure. The implant – a small man-made root made of titanium or zirconium – is anchored in the jawbone to replace the missing tooth’s root. After this surgical area has healed completely – this can take several weeks while the incision areas heal and the implant fuses properly to the jawbone – the tooth prosthesis will be attached to the implant. The dental implant will match the surrounding teeth so closely it will be indistinguishable from a natural tooth.
  3. Dental implants can last for decades. With proper at-home care (which simply involves daily brushing and flossing) and preventive visits to your Manhattan dentist every six months, your dental implants can last forever.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei, Midtown Manhattan implant dentist. He will review your oral health history, examine your current oral health condition, take impressions, x-rays, and 3D scans of your mouth, and evaluate your candidacy for dental implants.