Tooth-Colored Fillings

Everyone gets cavities. In the past, repairing tooth decay resulted in metal patches on teeth. Now, however, modern dentistry has given us strong, tooth-colored composite resin. Dr. Wei places only composite fillings for esthetics and durability.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

A material known as amalgam is commonly used by dentists to fill cavities and decayed teeth. Unfortunately, amalgam is partially composed of mercury – a toxic material that research has proven to be harmful to the body, even at minimal levels of exposure. Additionally, mercury is responsible for the abnormal, metallic coloring of traditional dental fillings, and also requires an extensive filtration process before it can be disposed of properly.

We are proud to say that Dr. Wei and our experienced staff practices mercury-free dentistry. Every treatment and procedure we offer utilizes mercury-free materials designed with patient safety in mind. Our tooth-colored fillings are composed of strong composite materials that provide added support and protection for your teeth, as well as a more natural-looking color that is barely detectable on the treated tooth. Ultimately, our mercury-free techniques offer you the highest degree of safety without sacrificing results.

After gently removing tooth decay, Dr. Wei tints some composite resin to match the patient’s tooth color. Then he places the composite resin into the hole left by the cavity. A cool light hardens, or cures, the resin. Dr. Wei sculpts the resin to the correct shape for optimal appearance and bite, then polishes it to a healthy shine.

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