Perfect Smiles and Bad Teeth at the 2020 Grammys

billie eilish grammys lollipop 2020 cosmetic dentist nyc dr michael j weiCelebrities live in the spotlight, and every characteristic is under a microscope. Singers especially feel that burn when it comes to their teeth. Unless there are some serious dance moves accompanying a performance, the biggest thing to focus on is a vocalist’s mouth. At the 2020 Grammy Awards, there were some good moments and poor choices for smiles, teeth, and oral health.Read more

The Perfect Smiles of the Royal Family

perfect smile royal family meghan markle smile makeover nyc cosmetic dentistPrince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex created waves last week when they announced their intention to separate themselves from the royal family and live part-time in North America. There were smiles from many about this young couple’s determination to pave their own way, and there were frowns from just as many about breaking with royal tradition. Now is as good a time as any for a debrief on the perfect smiles of the royal family.Read more

The Beautiful Smile Makeovers of The Bachelor Contestants

smile makeover the bachelor nyc cosmetic dentistThe Bachelor – it’s a reality show you either love or hate. No matter how you view it though, the reality is this: Nearly every contestant has a stunningly good set of teeth. Whether they’re gifted with smile makeovers as part of their show prep or they have opted for cosmetic dentistry on their own time, these men and women simply have great smiles. Viewers want their teeth to look just as good, whether they’re looking for love or not.Read more

Do You Have a Perfect Smile for the New Year?

perfect smile new year manhattan cosmetic dentist dr michael j weiPeople say there is no such thing as perfection, but cosmetic dentists beg to differ. You can have a perfect smile – a smile that is perfect for you – when you undergo a customized smile makeover. Whether you’re getting cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, or a little bit of both, it’s possible to walk away from your NYC dentist’s office with a perfect smile to start the new year.Read more

Create a Smile Makeover Pinterest Board

smile makeover pinterest vision board dr michael j wei nyc cosmetic dentistOnce upon a time, people would cut out pictures from magazines if they were thinking about changing their hair, redecorating a room, or coveting certain products. Now, there is Pinterest, the social media platform that invites you to “clip” your favorite photos, articles, and products online and keep them in albums. So why not create a safe space for the soon-to-be-new you? Use this free software to save the images of the teeth you love – and essentially create a collage of the teeth you want. Time to think about what your smile makeover Pinterest board should include.Read more

Give Yourself the Gift of Cosmetic Dentistry

gift of cosmetic dentistry smile makeover nyc dentist dr michael j weiNot only is another year coming to an end, so is another decade. As you reflect during this holiday season, think about what you wish you could have most – is it a better job, a stronger love, a more active social life, improved self-confidence? The secret to giving yourself the best chance for success in all things is feeling good about yourself, and by investing in cosmetic dentistry, you can change your life for the better, starting now, and for many decades to come.Read more

How Long Will Your Smile Makeover Last?

smile makeover durability longevity nyc cosmetic dentist dr michael j weiWhen you get a smile makeover, you want to know that your investment will pay dividends for a long time to come. Not every cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatment has the same kind of longevity and durability but, when these procedures are done by an experienced Manhattan dentist, you can trust that you’ll get the best quality upgrades possible. The rest is in your hands.Read more

Give Your Jaw Some Love with TMJ Therapy and Say Goodbye to Pain

TMJ therapy dr michael j wei manhattan dentistNovember is National TMJ Awareness Month, and it’s worth taking a moment to evaluate your oral health to see if there is something that’s not quite right with your teeth and bite. It might seem like clenching or grinding your teeth occasionally is no big deal, or maybe you’ve lived with jaw popping for so long that you don’t even give it much thought anymore. Over time, though, a TMJ problem can ruin your teeth, including cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry work. Time to give your jaw a little love.Read more