Graduate to a New Perfect Smile

graduate to perfect smile nyc dr michael j wei midtown cosmetic dentistIt’s that time of year. Caps. Gowns. Graduation. The world is wide open for graduates when they get that degree or certificate that signifies the accomplishment of something great. Whether you’re the one who’s graduating, or you’re honoring someone who’s marking this milestone, celebrate the achievement with a perfect smile.Read more

Howard Stern’s Teeth: Even Radio Hosts Need Smile Makeovers

howard stern smile makeover nyc cosmetic dentistRadio personalities don’t often come out from behind their microphones, but there is only one Howard Stern. The longtime shock jock and self-proclaimed King of All Media has conquered radio, movies, books, and TV, and he’s had to show himself to do so. Now, his face is all over the media once more as he promotes his new book Howard Stern Comes Again. Though he has always been brutally honest about what he considers his physical shortcomings, Stern has not spent much time talking about his teeth or his smile makeover. Somewhere along the way, though, there was a definite change, and it was a good one.Read more

4 Reasons Porcelain Tooth Crowns Are So Great

porcelain tooth crown midtown dentist dr michael j weiYou may have a tooth that you can’t stand the sight of, or a tooth that’s causing you some serious discomfort, but you put off going to the dentist because you want to avoid a major repair. Here’s the reality: If you have a problem tooth, it won’t get better on its own. If you have an ugly tooth, it’ll stay that way unless you do something about it. Porcelain tooth crowns can save the day in both situations.Read more

Use Your Tax Refund to Build a Perfect Smile

tax refund perfect smile midtown cosmetic dentistHave you ever thought to yourself, “I’ll fix my teeth when…” and filled in the blank with any number of excuses? If money is the main reason you’re dragging your feet about getting a new smile, April could bring the windfall you’re hoping for. It’s tax refund time, for the luckiest among us. While some people put their cash in savings and some splurge on vacations, use your bucks wisely on a purchase that will benefit you now and pay dividends later – a perfect smile makeover.Read more

What Crayon Would Someone Use If They Were Coloring YOUR Teeth?

smile makeover color your smile midtown dentist dr michael j weiThe adult coloring book trend just keeps on going, now with coloring books of celebrities. From Christian Bale to Betty White, Dolly Parton to Bruno Mars, there are opportunities to color these stars’ faces, including their teeth. Most of them have VIP-worthy pearl whites, but what if someone were coloring your teeth? Would they use white, or would they need some yellow and brown too? It might be time to brighten your smile so you can look like a star.Read more