14 Years in a Row: Dr. Michael J. Wei Awarded America’s Top Dentist 2018

americas top dentist award 2018For the 14th consecutive year, Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei has been named America’s Top Dentist. This award is given to dentists who provide consistent, exceptional dentistry services and superlative treatment to their patients. Awarded by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, this honor supports what Dr. Wei’s patients already know: He is an exceptional New York City dentist who works toward the goal of providing every patient with a smile that looks amazing and functions flawlessly.Read more

Restorative Dentistry: Fixing Teeth and Making Them Look Natural

restorative dentistry midtown manhattanNo dental treatment should make your mouth look unattractive. Restorative dentistry. Because the purpose of restorative dentistry is to repair problem teeth and return your teeth to fully functional, the aesthetic benefits are often overshadowed. However, done well by an experienced Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist, your tooth restorations will give you a smile that is durable and beautiful.Read more

Give Your Smile New Life with Porcelain Crowns

NYC porcelain crownsCosmetic dentistry comes in all shapes and sizes, with different time commitments, and varying levels of invasiveness. If you don’t want to go for a large smile makeover, porcelain crowns are an all-around good choice for a variety of tooth restorations. A crown changes the appearance of your tooth so positively that even one of these procedures qualifies as a smile makeover. Chances are, if you have a problem tooth or two, a porcelain dental crown could be the right solution.Read more

Yes, Your Bad Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be Fixed

cosmetic dentistry mistakesMany New Yorkers, unfortunately, are the victims of bad cosmetic dentistry. They put their trust in a dentist who isn’t experienced enough, or who promises them a new smile that they are incapable of delivering. You don’t have to live with these mistakes. Your smile should be a matter of pride, not embarrassment.Read more

6 Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

NYC dental implantsDo you have missing teeth because of an accident or poor oral health? Do you suspect that your painful tooth may need to be extracted? Some people choose to live with an obvious (or even not-so-obvious) hole in their smile, but it doesn’t have to be this way, and it certainly isn’t recommended. Dental implants are a strong, permanent, natural-looking solution to missing teeth, and they will change your life – in all good ways.Read more

What Valentine’s Day Candy Does to Your Oral Health

oral health valentine's day candyAbout 58 billion pounds of chocolate will be purchased during the week of Valentine’s Day. About 8 billion Sweethearts Conversation Hearts are produced annually. Excessive? Definitely. Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day is about spoiling the one you love, and indulging in the things you love, whether you are happily partnered up or single. Now, what does this have to do with your oral health? When it comes to teeth and gums, it’s important to know just what kind of smile havoc could be reaped by Valentine’s Day candy.Read more

Improve Your Kissability Factor with a Smile Makeover

kissability smile makeoverWhen it comes to love, your smile is important. Your smile conveys so much emotion, whether it’s on display or covered up. The lack of a smile sends messages to potential partners – such as, don’t kiss me. Even worse, maybe you reveal your broken-down smile as part of your authentic self, inviting in some affection, but kisses are sparse because, well, who wants to kiss someone with gross teeth? A smile makeover can minimize your romantic woes and improve your kissability factor.Read more

Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei Honored with New York Top Dentist Award 2018

New York Top Dentists Award - 2018Award-winning Manhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei has been given the honor of New York Top Dentist 2018 by the Top Dentists Division of USA Top Docs. Dr. Wei is privileged to be singled out among his dental peers and recognized for work that he proudly and diligently conducts daily. Dr. Wei underwent a rigorous review process to qualify for this merit-based New York Top Dentist award. “I am extremely honored to have again won the New York Top Dentist award,” says Dr. Wei.Read more