Perfect Smiles and Bad Teeth at the 2020 Grammys

billie eilish grammys lollipop 2020 cosmetic dentist nyc dr michael j weiCelebrities live in the spotlight, and every characteristic is under a microscope. Singers especially feel that burn when it comes to their teeth. Unless there are some serious dance moves accompanying a performance, the biggest thing to focus on is a vocalist’s mouth. At the 2020 Grammy Awards, there were some good moments and poor choices for smiles, teeth, and oral health.

Nick Jonas Had Spinach in His Teeth

The Jonas Brothers were together again on stage, with one noticeable addition – something was lodged in Nick Jonas’ otherwise attractive teeth. The superstar’s smile was in rare form when fans began nitpicking about a little piece of food stuck between those pearly whites. He took the criticism in stride, tweeting “at least you all know I eat my greens.”

Getting such a close look at Jonas’ teeth makes it clear that although his smile is lovely, if he wants to look even better, some cosmetic dentistry like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, or a round of Invisalign could give him a perfect smile.

Billie Eilish Relied on Her Lollipop

She may have gone home with an armful of Grammys, but what people really want to know is what flavor Billie Eilish’s lollipop was. The new star with her neon hair made an even bigger mark on the music world by enjoying her front-and-center seat at the Grammys with lollipop between her teeth. This isn’t the first time the singer had a lollipop accessory. Last fall, she sported a lolly at the American Music Awards.

Alas, Eilish fans will undoubtedly latch onto this little trend, but any lollipop is bad for your teeth. Even though Eilish has a lovely natural-looking set of teeth, she’s not doing her oral health any favors. Lollipops and any hard candy bathe teeth in sugar, setting up a perfect environment for cavities.

Though Eilish hasn’t been on the scene very long, a quick Google image search reveals that she may have enjoyed some cosmetic dentistry spruce-ups, getting veneers or tooth bonding to correct a few misshapen teeth.

Demi Lovato Was Whiter Than White

Beloved singer Demi Lovato delivered a powerful comeback performance at the Grammys in her white ball gown, accompanied by a perfect set of pearly white teeth. Though she has had her troubled times, there is no shortage of photos of Lovato smiling, and you can watch the progression her smile makes over her career.

Lovato revealed that in her Disney youth, execs pressured her to fill the gap between her front teeth. Many people would undoubtedly like to do the same and tooth bonding or veneers can get the job done. Sometimes a simple spruce-up with teeth whitening is enough to make any “imperfections” perfect so teeth look good no matter how flawed they are.

Get an Award-Winning Perfect Smile

Even if you’re not in the spotlight, even if you don’t sing, how your teeth look absolutely impacts your career. If it’s time for you to get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted, contact Dr. Michael J. Wei at his Midtown Manhattan dental office on Madison Avenue to schedule a consultation. Get on the path to your award-winning smile.