The Perfect Smiles of the Royal Family

perfect smile royal family meghan markle smile makeover nyc cosmetic dentistPrince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex created waves last week when they announced their intention to separate themselves from the royal family and live part-time in North America. There were smiles from many about this young couple’s determination to pave their own way, and there were frowns from just as many about breaking with royal tradition. Now is as good a time as any for a debrief on the perfect smiles of the royal family.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan solidified her place in the royal family by producing yet another heir to the throne, no matter how far down the line of succession little Archie may be. She’s known for her outspokenness and progressive ways. Though sometimes at odds with Windsor tradition, it’s hard not to love this actress and philanthropist’s efforts to chart a new course for her family unit.

Meghan Markle’s teeth are about as gorgeous as you can get and on NYC cosmetic dentists’ most-requested smile makeovers list. Ask for a Meghan Markle smile and your dentist knows you want straight, white, and perfect.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Wife and mother to two future kings of England, Kate Middleton is still a sweet-smelling rose as a young royal. She dresses appropriately, acts appropriately, says all the right things. People love her and it’s hard to take your eyes off this woman. Her beautiful teeth certainly add to the whole picture. If there are any flaws to be found in Kate’s straight, white smile, it’s that ever-so-slight gap between her two front teeth – but who’s complaining?

Queen Elizabeth

You would be hard-pressed to find a photo of Queen Elizabeth without some lipstick. This matriarch is always at the ready, after decades of dealing with the press and fans. Everyone is anxious for the Queen’s true opinions on the upcoming changes for her grandson and his new wife and son, but rest assured her smile won’t change much along the way, if she grants a grin at all.

The Queen’s teeth are relatively straight. They’re a little dull and could use a teeth whitening, but they have remained consistent for decades. This could indicate that she has excellent oral health and takes great care of her natural teeth, or she has an awesome cosmetic dentist who has equipped her with some real-looking dentures that have stood the test of time.

As for the Princes

Prince Harry’s teeth aren’t perfect. They’re straight but slightly gapped and could do with some whitening. Prince William has a narrow smile that could be broadened and perfected with porcelain veneers. Prince Charles’ teeth have aged right along with him and though they are straight enough on the top arch, the bottom arch is incredibly crooked.

It seems that, no matter how royal you are, teeth aren’t always a priority. In America, however, we know that good-looking teeth make you look like a VIP, whether you are one or not.

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