Yes, Your Bad Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be Fixed

cosmetic dentistry mistakesMany New Yorkers, unfortunately, are the victims of bad cosmetic dentistry. They put their trust in a dentist who isn’t experienced enough, or who promises them a new smile that they are incapable of delivering. You don’t have to live with these mistakes. Your smile should be a matter of pride, not embarrassment.Read more

Improve Your Kissability Factor with a Smile Makeover

kissability smile makeoverWhen it comes to love, your smile is important. Your smile conveys so much emotion, whether it’s on display or covered up. The lack of a smile sends messages to potential partners – such as, don’t kiss me. Even worse, maybe you reveal your broken-down smile as part of your authentic self, inviting in some affection, but kisses are sparse because, well, who wants to kiss someone with gross teeth? A smile makeover can minimize your romantic woes and improve your kissability factor.Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry 101

cosmetic dentistry 101Are you ready to pursue a smile makeover? If you are new to the idea of cosmetic dentistry and don’t know where to begin, familiarize yourself with the options available to you before you visit a NYC cosmetic dentist. Awareness of what can be done for your smile (just about anything) allows you to speak knowledgeably about your potential smile changes with your doctor and feel positive about the new smile that awaits you.Read more

3 reasons a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan can improve your life

Cosmetic Dentist in ManhattanUnless you’re a Kardashian or other “famous” reality star, chances are you have some serious life issues that the right lip liner or a new pair of designer shoes can’t fix. While material items may enhance beauty or status, your own appearance and how you perceive it on a daily basis has a huge impact on your life. In fact, others see and respond to your behavior and reactions in either positive or negative ways. While you may not realize it, you have the power to influence their decision and bend their will to your favor. Your Cosmetic Dentist in Manhattan can help improve your life with the right smile makeover for your specific dental concerns and personal goals. But how is this possible?Read more

New year, new smile, new you

Manhattan Cosmetic DentistThe New Year is here and with it millions of resolutions that will never see the light of day. Believe it or not, while 41% of Americans make annual resolutions, only 8% ever reach any of their goals. Life/self-improvement goals are the second most popular goal category just after weight loss. Dental improvements fit into that improvement category as a whopping 20% of American adults included improving their oral health care as part of their 2018 resolutions. Of course, simply making a promise is never enough without the right follow-through. So how can your Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist help you transform your dental resolutions into reality?Read more

How a smile builds confidence

Manhattan Smile MakeoverHas anyone ever told you that you should smile more? In today’s society, that suggestion is often thought of as a misogynist demand that should readily be stomped and shattered. But in reality, doing so is actually to your advantage. According to one study, 81% of Americans dislike how they look in pictures due to their smile, and 42% of Americans insist their smile is the one thing they’d change about themselves if they had the opportunity. While someone’s teeth or smile may seem fine to others, the self-perception of being “ugly” or otherwise having a less attractive smile than their peers can be enough to hide their own smile indefinitely. A Manhattan Smile Makeover can help rebuild your confidence.Read more