Image Is Everything in NYC: That’s Why You Need a Perfect Smile

nyc image cosmetic dentistry smile makeoverWhether screen-to-screen or face-to-face, image matters, especially in NYC. If you’re trying to make a good impression, working to land a role, aiming to get your kid into the best preschool, or attempting to snag an invitation to a hot event, the one element that plays a part in any of these situations is your smile – but is it good enough to represent who you really are?

Is Smiling Part of Your Image?

If you want to be perceived as elusive or accessible, mysterious or straightforward, your smile is an integral part of your overall image. Your smile is one of the things people remember most about you.

Your smile is also one of the biggest ways you communicate with others. Body language speaks volumes. If you are self-conscious about how your teeth look, the words you are saying will be affected by your embarrassment and hyper-awareness of how others might perceive you.

Creating an image is one thing. Living that image is another.

Your Carefully Cultivated Image

Part of a person’s cultivated image lives online. People express themselves via the photos they post to social media. Whether your photos are designed to display an air of nonchalance or boast about a new find, whether you’re posting carefully curated selfies or tagging yourself in photos with others, your smile figures prominently.

You would never post a photo that shows you in your worst light, would you? Maybe you realize that looking the same with a straight face in every pic is not doing you any favors in bumping up your followers or getting your message across.

Seriousness, in itself, may be the trademark of your image – but is that your image because you chose it or is it by default? If you’re not smiling, you must ask yourself if you’re worried about how your teeth might damage your image.

The Image of a Perfect Smile

Here is what most peoples’ vision of a perfect smile looks like:

  • Flattering to your appearance, including your face shape and skin tone.
  • White and gleaming.
  • Completely aligned.
  • Not too gummy and not too toothy.
  • Free of cracks, chips, oddly shaped teeth, and other imperfections.
  • Natural-looking.

Smile makeovers can take many forms. Some smile makeovers include just one or two procedures, some include several procedures, cosmetic and restorative. Ultimately, whatever it takes to get a perfect smile that perfectly represents your image is a success. Your unique smile is customized to your . needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Creating Your Perfect Smile

Every cosmetic dentistry patient is different. While teeth whitening may be just enough for one person, eliminating surface stains and leaving teeth gleaming bright, other patients may need a bigger intervention. The great news is that there is one cosmetic dentistry solution that can do it all – cover stains, misalignment, chips, jagged teeth, and other aesthetic imperfection: porcelain veneers.

Super-thin and natural-looking, veneers are the magical smile makeover solution that gets you the flawless smile you want for your image, in just two or three visits to your New York City dentist.

Complete your image, or reinvent yourself, with a perfect smile. Contact Dr. Michael J. Wei at his cosmetic dentistry and prepless veneer dental practice, located on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan to schedule your appointment.