Mary C.

Mary was concerned about how her smile looked and felt it affected her performance. She had always been hesitant to smile. She complained that her two front teeth are discolored, dark, too big, not proportional to her smile. She wanted a more natural, whiter, and brighter smile. By using 5 porcelain veneers and 1 porcelain crown, we were able to create a healthy and beautiful smile that Mary always wanted. Her brand new smile increased her self confidence.


Devin wanted a brighter, whiter, and gorgeous smile. He used to walk around embarrassed of his smile because of all the gaps between his teeth and the old dark stained discoloration. He didn’t want to get braces to close all his spaces. He wanted prepless lumineers because he didn’t have to get any shots and is a quicker treatment. We were able to complete these procedures with 2 simple painless visits. His new smile improved his overall self-confidence. Now he has the confidence he always wanted. He can smile easily and loves to show his new dazzling, brighter, and whiter smile.