nancy j after 266

Nancy was dissatisfied with her smile. She didn’t like the color and the old dark bondings. She wanted a new smile so that she can regain her confidence both professionally and personally. We gave her what she wanted with porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and a porcelain bridge. She is now very happy with her results and says her smile makeover was definitely worth the investment.

Deborah C.

deborah c face after 266

My patient Deborah came to see me because she was unhappy with her smile. Deborah‘s old smile did not fit her beautiful and wonderful personality. She didn’t like her discolored, crooked, misaligned and uneven smile. Also, she was dissatisfied with her smile because her teeth were not proportional and the irregular size of her teeth did not fit her face. She had enamel defects, decay, and a bad bite. She wanted my help and I was able to give her a fuller, whiter, straighter, and gorgeous smile with 16 porcelain veneers. At the same time, I was able to restore her function and health. Her new smile improved her overall self-confidence. She loves her new dazzling smile. Now she gets compliments on her beautiful smile all the time! This beautiful new smile complements her face and she loves the final results.


Khatia had old faulty fillings and stained, discolored teeth. She was also dissatisfied with her old, dull, bulky, and damaged bondings and knew that she had to improve her smile. We were able to transform her smile with 8 porcelain veneers. She loves her amazing smile transformation and gets lots of compliments, especially from her fiancee.


Lindsay had very short, small, and stained teeth that she was embarrassed about. She wasn’t happy with her smile because of the dullness, discoloration of her teeth and old dark bondings. She realized this when she was looking at vacation pictures and wanted a change. We were able to give her a new, fuller, brighter, and natural looking smile with 12 porcelain veneers. She is so ecstatic about her new smile and gets lots of compliments.

Andrew Z.

andrew z after 266

Andrew was dissatisfied with his smile. He came to see me because he was getting married soon and wanted to look his best.  He had some enamel defects and erosion and his teeth were discolored. The irregular size of his teeth didn’t fit his face because they were not proportional to each other. I did laser gum recontouring and 10 minimum prep porcelain veneers. He was extremely happy with his final smile makeover.

Neil Z.

neil z face after

Neil didn’t like his white spots, small dents, and dark discolored stains on his teeth. He had crooked and misaligned teeth. Also, he didn’t like the shape and size of his teeth as well. He wanted a more natural, whiter, brighter smile without these enamel defects. We decided to give him minimal prep porcelain veneers. We were able to complete these procedures with 2 simple painless visits. We were able to give him a fantastic natural looking smile that made him look and feel great.


Yesenia Face After

Yesenia was not happy with her smile. She had previous dental work done by another dentist and she was not satisfied with the work. She had old faulty dark bondings, cavities, and a bad bite. She requested the whitest color for her smile so she can stand out and be noticed. I did minimum prep porcelain veneers to give her a gorgeous white smile she always dreamed about. I was able to give her a fantastic smile makeover with porcelain veneers in just 2 visits.


paul a face after 266

Paul was not happy with the aesthetics of his smile. He wanted brighter, whiter, straighter teeth to boost his confidence especially in his line of work. His teeth were very discolored, dull, chipped, and worn out. I gave him a dazzling smile with porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. He has an amazing smile transformation!


Angela was concerned about the health of her teeth and always disliked her discoloration of her teeth. Angela’s old smile did not fit her vibrant personality. She wanted natural looking porcelain veneers. Her new smile improved her overall self-confidence. She now loves to smile and is happy to take pictures. With 20 porcelain veneers and tooth-colored fillings, we were able to give her the smile of her dreams. Now she gets compliments on her beautiful smile all the time! She can smile easily and loves to show her new dazzling smile.


Daniel was concerned about the health of his teeth and uneven smile. He wanted a brand new smile because he had stained dark teeth and old crowns showed a dark line at the gums. We were able to give him the straight, bright, and white smile he wanted.