Dorothy Hurley

Best dentist they’ve ever been to.
My husband and I have been to several dentists in our life and we are so happy to have found Dr. Wei. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and without a doubt, the best dentist we have ever been to. His office is run with such efficiency and the staff is just as friendly and professional. We trust Dr. Wei’s advice implicitly and have never had a problem with any of the work he has done for us. I also feel like Dr. Wei uses the most up to date technology, which is so important. We wouldn’t think of using another dentist. He is absolutely terrific – Dorothy Hurley

Marjlinda Marku

Great Doctor and a great staff.
I found Dr. Wei online and after reading so many good reviews I decided to go for a consultation for some cosmetic work. I live in Staten Island, so for me to go all the way to Madison Ave is not easy for a mom of two, but anyway I had to go. I first saw him in the beginning of April and he was so nice, very knowledgeable and he really made me trust him. Six weeks later I have 8 porcelain teeth and am very very pleased with his work.

I would definitely recommend him. Great Doctor and a great staff. – Marjlinda marku

Priscilla Wiggberg

I feel like a rock-star!
I have been a patient of Dr. Wei for the past 4 years, and he did a phenomenal job once I decided to get veneers. From the beginning consultation to the end of the procedure he offered great guidance every step of the way. Dr. Wei and his staff have always been super-friendly, and were very accommodating. His work is always precise, and he will not steer you in the wrong direction. Because of my profession, I have to smile often, and I have a lot more confidence in how people see me. I have received many compliments from strangers and friends, and I feel like a rock-star! Thank you, Dr. Wei for everything. – Priscilla Wiggberg

Cheryl Reid

I cannot say enough about how great this experience was for me.
I had considered getting porcelain veneers for many years. I finally made the decision to do so and started my internet search trying to find a cosmetic dentist in NYC. After reading all of the great reviews about Dr. Wei on numerous sites, I called and made an appointment for a consultation. I was nervous only because I kept thinking what happens if I don’t like the way I end up looking; what if the color isn’t right, etc.

From start to finish, I cannot say enough about how great this experience was for me. Dr. Wei was extremely thorough and professional in terms of the way he went about explaining the process. In addition, he solicited my opinion to make sure that both he and I were on the same page every step of the way.

I highly recommend Dr. Wei to anyone considering any sort of cosmetic dentistry. He’s extremely skilled and I’m sure you will be pleased with your end results. – Cheryl Reid

Ted Johan

Dr. Michael J Wei is one of the best dentists I ever had in my life time.
Dr. Michael J Wei is one of the best dentists I ever had in my life time. The hospitality is so excellent, the moment you step into the office he makes you feel you at home. Dr. Michael’s brotherly advise and suggestions are comfortable and convincing. And, most of all I am 100% more satisfied with his dental job performance with my teeth. He did an excellent job with my teeth. It is with honor to give him 5 Plus stars and thank him from the bottom of my heart. – Ted Johan

Steven Cheung

Dr Wei’s dentistry skill is top notch.
I have been visiting Dr Wei for so many years. I love the new office, very clean and very upscale in the Manhattan area. People there are very professional. I had a cracked tooth the other day and he told me to come down without an appointment and took care of it right away. That’s what I call great service. I like that he gives you a checkup and lets you know what you need done on your teeth. Gives you all the options and makes sure he is doing his best to provide great services. I work downtown by Wall street and a lot of my co-workers go to Dr Wei as well. They would not go anywhere else. Dr Wei’s dentistry skill is top notch. – Steve Cheung

Dawn Smith

I love my new smile!
I had been looking for a cosmetic dentist for some time. I was so happy to finally find Dr. Wei. He is a great dentist that you can trust. He took the time to explain the procedure every step of the way and kept me comfortable throughout my treatment. His staff were always very courteous and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Wei. I love my new smile! – Dawn Smith

Jonathan Weiss

He has a wonderful media entertainment system that helps you feel relaxed and calm while you are in the chair.
My experience with Dr. Wei has been excellent in terms of quality, service, and professionalism. His knowledge, craftsmanship, and compassion for fine dentistry has brought out the best characteristics of a top dentist. I found that his staff is very caring and accommodating to your requests and needs. Dr. Wei employs state of art technology for comfort and ease for his patients. He has a wonderful media entertainment system that helps you feel relaxed and calm while you are in the chair. Overall, this is the best experience I ever had. I strongly recommend Dr. Wei for all your dental needs. – Jonathan Weiss

D. C. Jennings

The results are better than I could have imagined
Dr. Wei has an incredible knack for having professional expertise with a wonderful customer experience — not only is his work impeccable, but the customer service he and his team provide is immeasurable. Dr. Wei has an uncanny ability to connect with patients to make them feel comfortable and at ease every step along the process, and the results are better than I could have imagined.

Recommending Dr. Wei is a no-brainer and is the name of choice. He deserves more than the highest rating we are limited to select here on the site. – D.C. Jennings

Ivy Shi

I can’t thank Dr. Wei enough, for everything that he’s done for me.
I never write reviews for people; not only that I do not have the time, but also I never had any strong urge to share the experience to anybody else. I have bad teeth genetic. I have been to many different dentists, and I have done all kinds of dental work ever since I was four year old; however my experience haven’t been pleasant and the works were done poorly. I started to avoid going to dentist, until I finally had no choice and started to do some research about New York City top rated dentist. Exactly one year ago I met Dr. Wei, first impression he was extremely nice, warm and caring, especially with someone extremely nervous like me. He took an X-ray of my teeth, and examined with me together. He explained everything in detail, works that need to be done, and works that suggested to be done. I was overwhelmed by the complications that I have. He told me that we can start with something small first, such as cavities, and when I feel more comfortable he could go further from there. I love how he is never been pushy and hard on his patient, you can work everything out with him, financially and time wise. I started to built trust with him immediately, from the works he had done. Dental works are never pleasant, but I felt comfortable with Dr. Wei. It’s been a wonderful year, and I have finally decided to the smile makeover. My mom with impressed with how perfect the temps look already, and I have dreamed for this beautiful smile ever since a little kid. I can’t thank Dr. Wei enough, for everything that he’s done for me. I’m writing this from the bottom of my heart, and I promise that you will never regret visiting him!
~ Ivy Shi