Ivy Shi

I can’t thank Dr. Wei enough, for everything that he’s done for me.
I never write reviews for people; not only that I do not have the time, but also I never had any strong urge to share the experience to anybody else. I have bad teeth genetic. I have been to many different dentists, and I have done all kinds of dental work ever since I was four year old; however my experience haven’t been pleasant and the works were done poorly. I started to avoid going to dentist, until I finally had no choice and started to do some research about New York City top rated dentist. Exactly one year ago I met Dr. Wei, first impression he was extremely nice, warm and caring, especially with someone extremely nervous like me. He took an X-ray of my teeth, and examined with me together. He explained everything in detail, works that need to be done, and works that suggested to be done. I was overwhelmed by the complications that I have. He told me that we can start with something small first, such as cavities, and when I feel more comfortable he could go further from there. I love how he is never been pushy and hard on his patient, you can work everything out with him, financially and time wise. I started to built trust with him immediately, from the works he had done. Dental works are never pleasant, but I felt comfortable with Dr. Wei. It’s been a wonderful year, and I have finally decided to the smile makeover. My mom with impressed with how perfect the temps look already, and I have dreamed for this beautiful smile ever since a little kid. I can’t thank Dr. Wei enough, for everything that he’s done for me. I’m writing this from the bottom of my heart, and I promise that you will never regret visiting him!
~ Ivy Shi