Dreaming of a White Smile for Christmas?

white smile christmas nyc cosmetic dentistIf you could care less about snow and are more interested in getting a white smile this Christmas, it’s time to see your Midtown cosmetic dentist. Find out what smile makeover procedures will give you the kind of white smile you’ve always wanted.

If You Believe Your Teeth Will Never Be White

For some people, white teeth are hard to come by. It may seem like no matter how much you take care of your teeth, how well you brush, and how often you see your dentist, your teeth just don’t get any whiter than they already are. This frustration can be enough to make a person give up. Don’t.

The first thing to do is get an evaluation from your NYC cosmetic dentist. You may discover that the dentin in your teeth is naturally darker, which means the color showing through your enamel is more yellow or off-white than white.

It’s important to determine if your teeth are the color they are because of stains or natural discoloration. Stains can be blasted away with powerful bleaching agents in teeth whitening treatments. Discoloration must be concealed with cosmetic dentistry like veneers. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, it’ll be that much easier for you to hit the green light on your personalized smile makeover.

If You Want the VIP Look

The token accessory of a VIP is perfect teeth. When your smile is brighter, whiter, and generally flawless, you will act different and you will be perceived differently. Porcelain veneers are the ultimate cosmetic dental treatment for creating a perfect smile.

If you’ve been dreaming of a white smile for Christmas, take action and get on the road to a new smile, just in time for a new year and a new you. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Michael J. Wei at his Madison Avenue cosmetic dentistry practice in Midtown.

If You Just Wish You Had a White Smile Sometimes

You can change the length of your eyelashes and the color of your eyes. You can change your clothes and your hair. You can dress up or down. Why not have an accessory for your teeth that offers the same kind of versatility?

A Snap-On Smile is a customized appliance for the mouth that snaps right over your natural teeth. This cosmetic dentistry option conceals everything that you dislike about your teeth – from chips to stains to misalignment to gaps. One move and your smile is perfectly white.

The Snap-On Smile isn’t meant to be worn all the time, and that is just right for some people who are comfortable trying on new versions of themselves from day to day. With a Snap-On Smile you can also give a perfect smile a whirl and see if this attribute is something you wish you had every day. From there, it’s only a matter of deciding what permanent cosmetic dentistry procedures will get you to your goal.

Enjoy a Natural-Looking White Smile

Get that white smile for Christmas, and for the months and years to come. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei, cosmetic dentist on Madison Avenue in Midtown, to discuss the ways he can create your perfect smile.