Neka Highland

Finding Dr. Wei has been a blessing to me!
Finding Dr. Wei has been a blessing to me! He and his staff have helped me to overcome my fears of dental work, which is no small feat. Prior to Dr.Wei my experience with dentists was horrible which lead to me breaking down in tears from fear on my first visit with him. He calmed me, reassured me, and took the time to make sure I was able to understand that he would do everything he could to make me comfortable and get through the work that I needed. He talks with me prior to any work and explains each step of what he will be doing. That’s huge to me as I never had clear explanations before, just brief “this has to be done” talks. His office and staff are also wonderful, and they work with me on flexible scheduling and quick appointments. Thanks to him I’ve made it through most of the work I need done and I know that with him I’ll get my teeth back to the healthiest they can be. Once my invisalign is done I know Dr. Wei will be my next step to perfecting my smile 🙂 . I can’t thank you enough Dr. Wei!!!